SATURDAY 30TH MARCH 2019 – 8PM - OPEN END and SUNDAY 31ST MARCH 2019 – 5 - 8PM

With the help of his collaborator, Alma Palacios, Guillaume Guilherme proposes to share his works, thoughts, methods, fears and desires with diverse ways to interact. The participants will be considered firstly as an moving audience for a guided tour through the Rote Fabrik on Saturday night March 30th. The night stays open without plans. On the next day the participants will be actively involved into a conversation like a collective interview. Questions such as the power of a guide, achieving a life balance through art or simply what makes you cry will open a debate. Through this presentation Guillaume Guilherme offers a reflection on dance, performance, public outreach and to work as an artist.

Guillaume Guilherme is a former contemporary dancer and works currently at the Tanzhaus Zurich in charge of public outreach. He developed in parallel as Rhodia various formats of performances.

Alma Palacios was born in Paris of a Swiss mother and Argentinian father. She studies contemporary dance at the national conservatory of Paris and at P.A.R.T.S, Brussels. Since then, she works as a dancer and actress with tg STAN, Tiago Rodrigues, Mathilde Monnier, Hélène Rocheteau, Guillaume Guilherme and others. She founded the LIV company with Georgia Scalliet and Ruth Vega Fernandez and works on a solo creation: what’s the matter-j’ai un corps.

Thanks to Maïté Jeannolin, Roman Gysin, Patricia Bianchi, Lisa Vilret.

The number of participants is limited. Registration is obligatory.